My #mcm wayyyy hotter than yours.

Lots of shit needs to change and it’s definitely about to. Looking forward to my time ahead and forgetting about the fucked up shit and people of the past ;3
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Rolling thumb out of commission for a minute. Just want to take the time to commemorate a nail that put other nails to shame. I will always remember you for the great blunts you rolled. You will be missed :(

Ma lady out of town. We miss her.

Idk just felt like posting a picture of my face before I disappear for good.
Anyone wanna hang out?

The head makes me memorable yo!


Really really need a ride might be working it

The highlight of my day.

If anyone can provide Remy a home PLEASE let me know ASAP





this is what dreams are made of

Sweet dreams are made of cheese

Who am I to disagree

fuck you tumblr! why the fuck do you do this to me everytime im high!

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